Reply- one answer right and one was wrong …than wrong wala unhone muje samjaya ki …kaha ata hai..

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English fir bhai kiska hai. Hindi kitne ka hai. English How much is. Hindi ye pen kis ka hai. English what are you doing. Hindi ye pen us ka hai. English where are you. Hindi mai 16 saal ka hai. English I am 16 years old. Hindi Wo ghar kes ka hai. English It is the home of the case. Hindi pani bharne ka hai. Hindi Yeh Kitne ka hai? English yeh kitne ka hai? Hindi yeh kathan kis ka hai. English yeh kath ki ka hai.

Hindi yeh bacha kis ka hai. English Whose child is it. Hindi ye suit kitne ka hai. English How much is this suit. Reply- sir its depend upon person to person.. Reply — yes sir.. M3- What is bill of exchange.. Reply- sir obligations means liabilities so in liabilities side …than he said ok.

M2- What is LF..? My village name 3. How can you solve that problems? And why do u want to come in banking and tell me the items of assets side of balance sheet Member2- u have done mba Why banking is important in India?

Member 4- he gave me a newspaper and there was news of 2g scam.. I told them and they said now u can go.. Four menber in panel. M1- aap apne or family k bare m 1min m btaiye. M1-aapko score kya hai. M m aapne graduation pura kiya hai avi tak kya kr rhe the. Hindi Okai ki rajdhani kha hai. English The capital is OK. Hindi ye up ki rajdhani hai. English The sub is the capital of. Hindi bharat ki rajdhani kya hai.

English what is the rajdhani. Hindi istanbul kaha ki rajdhani hai. English There is a rule of thumb. Hindi patna ki rajdhani kaha hi. Hindi punjab ki rajdhani kha hai. English What is the rajdhani. Hindi patna ki rajdhani kaha h. Hindi georgetown kaha ki rajdhani hai. English Georgetown is the capital of the. Get a better translation with human contributions. Help rating similar searches: Users are now asking for help:

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