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Pooja November 12, at 3: Incase if Online server is not configured: It got resolved, but just updating Windows system.

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It seems something odd with your system or files corrupt. Please have a look. I just checked data in OptionsOracle at my end and for mentioned list it does shows data. Even I noticed in your screenshot "Last Update" field showing different time. It seems it is mixed up version some old files and new dll files. You have to share your screen and I can try to sort it out.

I am sending an email to your yahoo id, it would be from my yahoo id. Please check the mail. I have teamviewer 9. Phew, finally got it worked in my laptop with WIN8, now all data showing properly, thanks a lot Santosh sir for his kind support. Somehow its not working in WIN 7 on my desktop. Dear Santosh, I am trying to install the application on Windows 7 and I am unable to install the application, Moreover I tried to Install it in my friends Laptop with Windows 8 it works perfectly fine.

I downloaded slow version as well but facing the same problem Its showing windows error C: Dear Satish, I'm sure it works perfectly on Windows 7. Is it possible to share screen to diagnose this. Dear Santosh, Thank you for your prompt reply. Unfortunately I am unable to attach screenshot on the blog nor i can find any to attach files. Sorry i am newbie to responding to blogs or commenting on them. Kindly let me know how it can be done or I can share my Laptop on Teamviewer.

Thanks Warm Regards Satish. You can share me Teamviewer details. Dear Santosh, Thanks a lot for your prompt response and support via Teamviewer which helped me to Install the OptionsOracle on Windows 7. It took eternity to install the windows updates but once its done the software worked like a charm: Thank you once again for your kind support.

Hi Dharmesh, You can download following file https: Hi Santosh, thank you so much for the good work.. Thanks Santosh, Commendable work from you for the trading fraternity! Dear santosh i tried for Templates but predefined stratergies not working. Dear AVP, You need to download following file https: I will post blog on this shortly.

Other users of Options Oracle will also benefit from it. You can use following URL: Do I have to expect the market open? This plugin is for Indian market NSE. I thought it was for both US and Indian market. I keep on searching a fix. Can you restart your system and see if it helps.

Was it working earlier on your system? Appreciate your help sir, till last week it was fine, it's showing like this ,http: Thank you so much. Earlier i subscribed to TradorOptions. Looking for this since last 3 months. I hope it is helping you to analysis strategies much easier. It was working amazing until Monday but stopped working from Tuesday afternoon.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks for your help. The error is same from both slow and fast versions. I really appreciate your help. Hi Thalapathi, Please follow step 4 through 6 above in the post. It can resolve issue. Hi Santosh, I have exactly the similar problem as Thalapathi Pl see the screenshots, where I have followed exactly the steps mentioned by you: I tried both the versions, slow and fast I tried disabling my anti-virus etc Is there anything else that I can try?

Hi Sam, I got confirmation from Thalapathi. It got resolved, but just updating Windows system. You can use either Fast or Slow version, it should work. In case if this doesn't help, contact me later in the evening and share your screen. Meanwhile, make sure your Windows system is updated. When I initialize the application it prompts me to select the data server.

However, when I go to Config and try to select the plugin nothing is available in the drop down in the Faster version. It is available in the Slower version though. Hi Farhan, it should show in config option even in faster version. Make sure you have extracted file before running program. If you are still facing issue, share me screen and will try. Before that try downloading again and running. Slower version has the server details in Config section. However it is missing in Faster version.

I clicked on "OptionsOracle. Later I downloaded the complete folder and went to Config section again. However the server details are still missing. What could be the problem? In conffig the NSE plugin does not show. Hi Vinod, this is second message I got that it is not showing. I'll try to investigate. Meanwhile you can use slower version.

If possible please share screen after 6: Sorry to Bother you at Real Time Markets. Will follow up in the evening. Sir, in the mean time the slow version is working on windows 8. Thanks and Best Regards. Thank you for confirming. Also I have manually downloaded faster version and followed steps 2 through 6 and it is working perfectly. However, when I double click the EXE it just doesn't run. Any help is appreciated. The application is missing required files.

Contacts the application vendor for assistance" is the error I received. Most likely Windows is not updated. Kindly update Windows 7 with latest patches and try again. In case if you are still facing issue, share me screen after 6: Thanks Santosh for your prompt response, appreciate it.

Apparently, the restart of System made it work! Thanks for your Team Viewer support. In faster version, server details are blank in Config section. However there is a value in Slower version that I could select.

When it did not work, I unzipped all the files in a folder and then again opened OptionsOracle. However the server details were blank even after this.

Hi Amit, you need to download, extract it, and click OptionsOracle. If you are still facing some issue, share your screen and I can look into it. Both version should work. You need to download following file https: Hello Santosh ,I have been using the software on a daily basis. But today it stopped working suddenly. Kindly solve the issue. Please contact me on FaceBook chat after 6: What is exact error on screen?

I downloaded the latest fast plugin from your facebook group. Its working fine now. Kindly download faster version from Facebook group. There is some issue currently. Even in FB, it is workaround solution. Share me your screen using Ultraviewer and can look into it.

You need to actually delete. Make sure to take backup of registry before making changes in registry. Only Live data is getting updated in the software. Thanks for sharing the very useful info about Oracle and please keep updating Individual traders are their very own bosses and no one else can decide for them. Binary Trading Options The main benefit that investment possibilities have is the truth that nobody dictates on the choice you should make.

It deletes the plugin file. Put OptionsOracle in exceptional list of Symantec and go ahead. If you are suspicious, don't install. We are running same installer for years. I came across this in your interview with money control. I wish this will help me. Hi Santosh, I am not able to download I am getting some error, can you please help to download.

Santosh Sir, how to modify the margin block field. I have build up nifty strangle, but the margin is usually more than what zerodha span shows or what nse requirement is. Also I think it considers overall strategy as short put covered with short call but those are different legs.

Any option to modify it? I am unable to download latest version of OptionsOracle Installer. It gives me error message as 'This set us requires. NFT Framework Version 4. But I am unable to download it on my system. While installing it gives error message as unable to install.

Please resolve the issue if possible at your end. Option strategy analyzer tool for Indian stocks. On auspicious occasion of Diwali. OptionsOracle is free tool for stock options trading strategy analysis, built for options traders. OptionsOracle is a powerful tool that allows testing of different options strategies using real-time options and stock-market information.

Its payoff chart helps to analyse strategy status at different price, date and volatility. Without her support and encouragement, this couldn't have been possible at all.

You wouldn't have landed on this page. Initially, she encouraged me to try to fix issue with OptionsOracle and later on encouraged me to develop "Option Strategy Trading Workshop". We spent many weeks to develop course content. All course materials have been thoroughly validated and quality checked by her. Sometime, she makes it very difficult, in fact on many occasions, I felt like giving up.

But every time I followed her, end results were much better than my expectation. She is my motivation for whatever I do. I only made it this far because of her. May God Bless her and keeps her happy, fulfill all her dreams and made her successful whatever she does. If this software helps you, don't forget to give your blessings to her. Also, thank you to all near and dear ones, including family members, colleagues, participants of "Options Strategy Trading Workshop" and users of "Options Strategy Premium Tools" and members of blog and FB group members for supporting us and encouraging us.

It is simply the best free options analysis tool, that gives you all you need — options strategies analysis, options screener, volatility analyzer, greeks calculator, and portfolio manager. January 08, To Download: Alternate Version older version: For support, query, faster response and latest updates, please visit FaceBook Group: If for some reason faster version is not working on your system, you can try slower version.

Slower version tries to preserve Original classical UI and codes as much as possible. Hence it will not have new features like faster speed to download, additional columns in "Strategy Positions", updated PCR, etc. If you wish to use OptionsOracle based on Original version, then try Slower version. Incase if Online server is not configured: Select option as shown below in screenshot. Don't forget to like our facebook page and join group for latest announcements, and see my strategy trades.

Both faster and slower version are compatible on Windows platform 7, 8. Options strategies analysis India, options screener, volatility analyzer, greeks calculator, and portfolio manager. Options Oracle by Santosh Kumar Pasi Options strategies analysis India, options screener, volatility analyzer, greeks calculator, and portfolio manager. Options Oracle India Plugin: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Basavaraj H August 28, at 4: Santosh Kumar Pasi November 11, at 4: Trading Options November 11, at 9: Santosh Kumar Pasi November 12, at Anonymous November 12, at 2: Rama Raju November 12, at 1: Commodity Masters September 27, at 4: Pooja November 12, at 3: Santosh Kumar Pasi November 12, at 5: Anonymous November 12, at 7: Santosh Kumar Pasi November 13, at 7: Ganesh November 12, at 7: Deepak Shah November 13, at 4: Santosh Kumar Pasi November 13, at 5: It is OTM and for next series.

Because of less volume, sometime price shows variation big ask-bid spread and not as per expectation. Jackpot tips are for those who can take risk to earn huge profit in intraday trading. We will guide your fund to grow in a fast manner. This is really nice. Thanks for sharing this informative article. Mr Rajendran of Marketcalls. I'm aware of it. In fact posted about this webinar on my Facebook Page. Santosh , How do you load the Margins required correctly in the config set up. Can you let me know the rules to be used for say Zeroda.

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Your blog is very useful,Thanks for updating,keep sharing.. I am technology Enthusiast. Your blog is really awesome, attractive and impressive. I like the way you think. Your article adds best knowledge to our Java Online Training from India. Appreciating the persistence you put into your blog and detailed information you provide.

Santosh Sir, In this article "http: Here risk reward ratio 1: How it is possible? Is it considering only "Today" or "Till Expiry End"? Also, if it is considering "Today", then also, there will be too much loss. So, please explain this so that I can understand it properly Sir.

Dear Mohan, In example, it is just considering SL as of today. So we are just considering Today as loss "Today" will be higher. If you just consider worst case Max loss risk , still RR is 1. What is the Stop Loss of Today means?

What is the maximum profit for today means? Please elaborate it with detailed explanation at your free time, sir. If it bit complex, then for simplicity just consider details in "Strategy Summary".

Using that our RR is around 1. You have provided an nice article, Thank you very much for this one. And i hope this will be useful for many people.. Great effort you have taken. You have shared really useful information with us. Thanks to shared your knowledge with us. Oracle dba course Oracle dba training. In equity future contract parties arrange to get or sell a such quantity of a private equity or a basket of equities or associate equity index at associate in agreement contract worth on a such date.

In equity future tips wealth it global provide intraday equity futures commercialism tricks to traders. I like the way you explained these things.. Thanks for splitting your comprehension with us. Selenium Training in Chennai. Python Training in Chennai.

Nice work too informative and very useful for me Thanks Python Training in Bangalore. Nice and usefull contents. RPA Training in Chennai. Nice and informative article. Thanks for sharing such nice article, keep on updating. Thank you for sharing. This is basic guide on using OptionsOracle with example. I'll not go in-depth with other trading aspect.

While initiating options trade lots of other things needs to be considered like volatility, direction, maximum risk, profit potential, days to expiry, etc. Based on chart, immediate range is in between and I have selected Iron Butterfly based on some other technical parameters.

Let's find out strikes: Lower stop loss is , let's consider nearest strike as Middle of range is , let's consider nearest strike as Upper stop loss is , let's consider nearest strike as So we will short Call and Put, and will go long on Call and Put Let's run OptionsOracle, you will see below screen. It's 2 days workshop.

Don't forget to post comments!!! This is only for educational purpose and not advisory to enter into trade.

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