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Use the zoom-out option. How to zoom out. How to select technical indicators. How to change the diagram type. Heikin Ashi graph helps you detect trend - a feature you will only find on professional platforms. The Heikin-Ashi technique helps you identify a trend more easily and detect trading opportunities.

Also you can use our Forecast Poll. This forex plot type is not considered to be valid to take positions but rather to perform a follow-up of your trading positions. How to change your board into Heikin Ashi. With Equivolume, you can plot price and volume activity on a single graph, instead of having volume added as an indicator on the side. This tool draws the bars following their traded volume at a precise point in time the wider the bar, the bigger the volume. A very handy feature for those strategies whose key factor is volume.

How to change your table into Equivolume. You have plenty of options to draw on your graph, from lines including trend channels to arrows , going through rectangles, circles and much more. Another available option to benefit from is the one that allows to configure the color of each of the drawing you put on the board, as well as the line weight thin, regular or bold. How to draw on your diagram.

Establish profitable opportunities and swing possibilities with it. How to add Andrew Pitchfork. Map out the magnitude of price moves with Retracements and Arcs. These tools let you draw studies about the possible developments of a price based on its previous move. It can be calculated following different mathematical concepts Fibonacci, Gann….

While retracements are concerned with just the magnitude of moves, Arcs factor both magnitude and time, offering areas of future support or resistance that will move as time progresses.

How to add Retracements and Arcs. Determine trend direction with Linear Regression lines: How to add Regression lines. We offer a tool to compare graphs so you can analyze the price history of two assets and analyze relative performance over a period of time. The graph of both assets will be displayed in the same table, with the percentage of deviation in the left vertical axis. Upon measuring the first dip from the 4. Adding a low leverage short here and will add more a little higher.

Look for a Won't re-enter until I see volume confirm. Well, we haven't broke the uptrend quite yet with all the noise we had so far. Our strategy is very simple here, we expect a first rally above , and if we are lucky to Follow the channel unless it is broken. A healthy correction could help go up more than expectation. We can see that it is trading safely above EMA10 which is very bullish.

Volume is strong and so are the green candles. Red candles are almost none existent. Very healthy retrace after each resistance is broken. Launch Chart Learn More. Last visit Bitcoin attempting to rally but no volume to be seen.

Important Levels To Watch in Bitcoin! Bitcoin prints 5 consecutive red months. Where do we stand? This is what BTC is really doing. The widget features live quotes for Oil prices, spot Gold price and stock market indices. Visit our Stock Market widget builder. Login to message board. Shares watch list share news charting. Share prices up Share prices down Sectors up Search share prices.

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