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Singapore places to visit online maps. Cardiff Motorpoint Arena virtual seating plan. Gems of the s: Wer hat den schnellsten Schuss? Arena B, E - Row 15 - Centre seats organ viewing experience - Royal Albert Hall seating plan You can view, download or print a full, high resolution detailed, large version of this image by clicking on the plan itself.

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You can always select your seat free of charge at check-in. Flight segments are identified by a change in flight number, with each new flight number representing a flight segment. Our intent is to always seat children with a parent or guardian. Alternatively, please contact Air Canada Reservations or your travel agent to make the necessary changes. Up to 2 hours before your flight: Retrieve your booking online and select your seat.

Within 24 hours of your flight: You can still purchase a Preferred seat for your Air Canada operated flight. Just make sure you have your Air Canada booking reference. Change language and edition ca - Edition - English. Filthy and worn old plane. American Airlines should be embarrassed to allow this plane to in the air. I think this seat is standard, so it shouldn't be yellow.

The lavatories didn't really bother me. Otherwise, this plane is really good for Economy. Everything was practically new, fresh, and well taken care of. All options were great, and it was comfortable for flights longer than 5 hrs. I highly recommend flying with this plane! Surprised by how comfortable this seat was for flight from Kauai to LAX.

Underseat storage was just fine accommodated backpack. I am 6'3" but in good shape. I can barely fit in this seat. Entertainment system flips up from below. AC power outlet behind your legs is nice and the seat has excellent legroom.

Another plus is there is no seat on your left side so you don't share the left armrest. I suspect this seat has less legroom than other standard economy seats on the AS. Typically I can use my computer without resorting to "T-Rex" hands, not so in this seat. There's no room at all. A middle seat further up or back would be more desireable.

No inflight entertainment, power, etc. Awful 1st class product. This seat was awful the pitch was bad the seat cushion was like a cloth covered piece of plywood. I like the bulkhead seat and ask for 1a, or 1f, but no more airbus for me,By the way the galley door was fabric every time she would slide it open the light on the wall was blinding.

Do not get this seat or any AA first class seat that matter. There's a small space under the seat in front of this one that accommodates a small backpack. Flight attendants allow storage in this space provided it does not interfere with exit door egress. This must be one of the worst experiences ever: First Class on a 6 hour journey: No entertainment system, no pillows provided. First class was full, economy empty, so i retreated into the back to get a full row and some sleep.

Shame on American to sell such a sub standard product. The window seat next to it has the TV under the seat and tray on the left armrest claiming it for that seat. The equipment under the seat in front limits where your feet can fit. I am tall 6 feet 2 and was unable to move my legs the entire flight.

Worst seat i have ever sat on a plane. Additionally the screens bulge out so when the person in front leans back it is very close to your face and very claustrophobic. Great seat for a 3. I don't remember much as I was nearly asleep after a 15 hour flight from Australia. But American has vastly improved since I last flew with them in Seatback TVs were good. Got free drinks and I didn't even know that this was a Main Cabin Extra seat until I actually got on the plane! The extra legroom was nice.

As a small person, 4F was comfortable. However, the IFE box reduced the amount of storage space under the seat. I ended up putting my bag under the center partition between the two seats in front of me. Seats 25 B,C,E,D are marketed as exit seats and priced as preferred seats. They show up as exit rows on your ticket, but have standard leg room, because the real exit row is row Clean and relatively comfortable MCE seat.

IFE was really very good. Hate that Airbus is so much better than Boeing - maybe it is just the way AA orders them. It did take forever to load this plane since it is so big for a single aisle. Though it might be considered Main Cabin Extra, this seat is only an inch or two longer than the main cabin seats and the least legroom of any MCE row. I do NOT recommend this seat.

The only MCE seats of any decent size are rows 11 forward. Row 11 has an enormous amount. I did not go aft to look at the rear MCE seats. Beware of this seat. It has two metal items under the seat in front so you have very little foot room, about half of normal.

You can not put any type of bag there and you can't even move your feet. This plane is vastly comfier than American's B The extra inch of seat width is really noticeable; the plane is new and modern; you and you get a great IFE system. I didn't find the underseat equipment box to be in the way at all, but I wasn't trying to store any bags there at the same time.

Seriously, a really well done interior.. I wish they would replace every in their fleet with these! One of the better seats on the plane, until you have to get in a fight with 11E on who owns the window shade.

A decent bulkhead row seat, not the most spacious in the world but nothing to complain about. If anything, my biggest issue was with the extra padded seat belt, which further reduced the seat width when paired with the immovable armrests.

There's a magazine pouch in front of the seat which provides a bit of storage, and the screen isn't terrible, though all I did was watch the flight info since I bring my own entertainment.

I was very excited to see that American had installed the new entertainment system on their new A's. Each seat had it's own personal tv. The tv also has a usb outlet so you can plug your electronics in and another jack as well although it takes a long time for it to charge up your electronics than if they were plugged into a standard wall outlet.

My favorite part was the map system. AA uses a 3d mapping system where you can see the plane moving in 3 dimensions. The flight path is projected in 3 dimensions as well. This is especially helpful for landing to see which track you are taking. This is something that I have never seen in any other airline. Originally I was in seat 35 F but then switched my seat the night before to seat 20E. I was concerned that there wouldn't be enough overhead space to put my bag if I was in the back.

There was plenty of room. This seat was a good choice, because it is centrally located in the aircraft. Although the lavatory is relatively close, I didn't notice it much at all. This seat has TWO video boxes in the foot well so there is very little space for backpack or your feet.

She indicated this was an FAA restriction. You'll have legroom but your carryover has to be stored in an overhead. Also, the overheads immediately above these seats have emergency equipment so you either have to store your bags forward or behind you. If behind, you're swimming upstream to try to get your bag and carryon as passengers are exiting. Seat had alot of room and space, plus the seats recline.

Plus im a big guy 6'4 about fit perfect. These seats are miserable for the nearly 6 hours you are in them. AA has a lot of nerve charging first class prices for them. Also, you cannot tell from their online info OR from calling an agent whether this flight is the upgraded A or the old one. I was told it is upgraded, lie flat seats. Also note, the seats do not actually recline, they sort of move up like a barcalounger with no footrest, more comfortable upright.

Meals consist of a bag of chips on takeoff and a plate of fruit and yoghurt 2 hours before arrival. On an overnight flight. There is a solid partition to the floor and immovable armrests.

You can not extend your legs or adjust by moving the armrest. The partition is to close and it is a shame they call this a main cabin extra seat. There is NO entertainment option whatsoever if you sit in this seat. Yes there is leg room but on a 4 hour flight with no entertainment unless you plan to sleep or have your own option, please be aware of this.

It made it a VERY long flight. This seat was horrible. It was sold to us as Economy Plus but was not. Row 13 A-C is, but not 13 D-F. As others have said, the economy seats in this plane are very uncomfortable and inhumanely cramped. I will work to avoid this plane moving forward but will definitely make sure to get an upgrade on any flight over 2 hours.

As stated before, plenty of places to put a drink etc. The IFE was non responsive or overly jumpy. After two hours, the seat was very uncomfortable. I can only imagine how a longer flight would not be an enjoyable one. The extra legroom is great, but it's effectively a bulkhead seat, as there's no storage. Also, there is no personal entertainment screen. There is a power box that limits space for your carryon under the seat.

I think the bulkhead seats at row 8 needs to be classified as mixed review. Regardless, you will not be able to stretch your legs out, but you do get knee room. The 8A second window is between the bulkhead dividing first class and economy, and the pax in first reached back and slammed the window shut. The IFE was not operational for this flight. The seat is comfortable in the upright position, there are plenty of places to put your drink, phone, etc.

The entertainment system is excellent, but! When the seat is reclined it is the most uncomfortable seat, it doesnt actually recline, the seat moves forward and its like sitting on a lounger that someone had picked up to tip you out.

Do not confuse this model with the older USAir version. We had reserved 14C and 14D to be across from each other. You are not truly directly across. Not a big deal but it would be nice if the maps were accurate. Row 14 is not MCE but the space was OK as the passengers in the seat ahead did not recline their seats on either segment.

I did not recline mine either and it was tolerably comfortable for the 2 hour flight. The cockpit view was a nice variation. The seatback in front has both power and headphone jack connections under the screen. The inflight entertainment boxes under the seats reduce available storage space slightly. Typical flight noise in takeoff and cruise, but the most rattles and shaking I've ever heard upon landing.

There's a life raft in the overhead bin over row 13 reducing bin space in the area. I still prefer the 2 seat side of an MD80 but this was an OK experience. This comment is also valid for 2A and 2C across the aisle. There is effectively very little under seat storage space in front of row 2 in the AA V2. This is because there is a very large and obtrusive electronic box under the Row 1 seats, plus two seat anchor brackets.

Thus what space that does exist is broken up into small chunks. My wife and I were unable to put even a modest sized article under there. A purse is about all that would fit. This seat was sold to us as an exit row by the airline but it is not, only one seat is. This seat had am armrest that is not movable because it is next to the one actual exit seat.

Tray tables are in the armrest making it a bit snug for larger people. Nice entertainment system, but both myself and my wife had to reset ours to get them to work. My touchscreen wasn't responding and her's kept saying it was downloading content.

Luckily the FA helped us out. The new ASL is a nice plane and made going back to a B feel like a downgrade. Plenty of legroom, even for someone who's 6'2". Comfy seat, great IFE, and decent amount of storage space. Best domestic non-transcon first out of the big 3 major airlines.

Seats in coach are ridiculously cramped. If someone in front reclines it could hit you in the face. It also takes forever to load this airplane. It's worse than a leaving Orlando. There is a call button on the screen that people keep pushing, mainly because they just love pushing ALL the buttons. The attendant made an announcement almost pleading with people not to push it. Unless you are in First or MCE, this is not a pleasant experience at all.

If you are on a flight over 2 hours consider upgrading or something else. Tons of legroom due to no seat in front. You still have access to underseat storage in row ahead. Personal video comes up from below.

This seat is decent, however the tray table sticks out toward you quite a bit more than needed, due to the fact that there is a space behind the tray table for magazines, and the tray table folds in on itself. There is in-flight entertainment on this plane. I was able to fit my guide dog under the seat in front of me without any issue, which has become more of a concern with the large IFE boxes particularly on the American s.

I don't recall if there was an IFE box under the seat in front of me at all. MCE seat with lots of exit row legroom, but no underseat storage in front due to exit equipment. Short window-side armrest, fixed armrest on right side for tray table. Bulkhead extends to floor so short leg room. Legroom was good, the personal entertainment screen froze a bit but it was reset and it was all ok. I couldn't believe how nice this plane was! I sat by the window. It was a night time flight!

I know I have a hard time describing about how the plane was but it was terrific! Touch screen with interactive flight map on the back to see where you were!

It had the food for puchase menus on the touch screen and beverage menu too! I was in economy class! The seats were comfortable! I am really proud how American kept up with there fleet. I am glad they are getting rid of the MD80s and going with planes that are lesser fuel, but this plane was an exception. I give this plane 5 stars for American and window seat was nice on this plane!!!! Row 11 may have the most leg room on the plane I can't touch the seat in front of me even if I fully extend my legs.

But the catch is you have no storage under the seat in front of you because it's an exit row and the overhead compartment on both sides is marked "no stowage" due to first aid, oxygen, fire extinguishers, flight attendant stuff, etc. So you're forced to use an adjacent bin. It's probably not a major problem since you're most likely one of the first to board if you have this seat.

But, it's still an inconvenience. This plane was nice and the cabin for seat D. My wife and I had the good fortune to fly the new 32B as a replacement for the S80 scheduled for this flight. I was really pumped to experience the latest 1st class offer from AA. Unfortunately, the 32B is a disappointment. Starting with spooling the engines, the plane is loud and it vibrates a lot.

Not at all like a quieter But that's not all! What I noticed was our really bumpy ride in. This planes likes to bounce around, not sure why, but seems unlike the which seems to ride bumpy air better. We were all pretty darn happy to land, to hear those clunking sounds of the landing gear and the vibration of the brakes engaging. After all the hype of the transcon, I had high expectations, now I'm not so sure I want another flight on this aircraft. First time flying the AA A regular cabin, nice and clean looking.

Seat 1A is nice, legroom not too bad and seat comfy. Not sure how economy fares but ignore the daft comments about Airbus packing the seats in, American chose the seating configuration not the manufacturer. The seats at 12DEF are considered exit seats because they have direct access to an exit. This is where you will have the most legroom. Also when it comes to being "cramped" the is actually similar in size the with a 5" difference in length but a 6" difference in width - meaning the is 5" shorter but 6" wider The Recaro seats on the Airbus also improve comfort as the whole seat reclines, bottom cushion as well as back, not just the back.

Every seat except the premium seats are cramped. For longer flights upgrade for a premium seat on any flight over three hours. Airbus packs them in! Very tight coach seating! If you want space select Boeing aircraft! If it aint Boeing we aint going! Extra legroom if you stretch your legs out toward the aisle.

Recline is standard, 3" of recline.

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