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They are the reason why lots of Americans left the GOP years ago, and will never return except to vote for Trump, and only Trump. One needs to work on or with Capitol Hill to realize fully how bad both national political parties are. If one truly cares about our great nation and its future, the rejection of both parties is an easy and necessary decision. This is why lots of Americans have become Independents[6], and will never become members of either national party again.

These Americans do not care what happens to the GOP. If it goes down the drain, so be it. The same is true of the Democratic Party. However, the criticism of Trump is not limited to the Republican party, or the Democrats, but extends abroad as well, in countries such as the UK.

The sheer stupidity of some Brits is mind-boggling though—until it is remembered that the UK might be speaking German now if the U. They ridiculed Reagan too. Lest they forget relatively-recent history, Reagan and George H. Bush set their sights on destroying the USSR, and it is gone now, without a shot being fired. The Brits and others in Europe would still be cowering at the feet of the Soviets but for the United States.

At some point, Trump and his lovely wife, Melania, may ask: It is like belonging to a private club that discriminates. Trump is admired by vast numbers of Americans, from all walks of life, just as Reagan was.

The Neanderthals in the GOP are too stupid to recognize the parallels. Like Rove, Will and Kristol, she is full of herself and a raving Narcissist. Her words have not been worth reading in years. Islamophobia is un-American, but a failure of any president to defend and protect the United States and the American people is unforgivable.

Even when they are not in power, populists warp the agenda. Justice Department prosecutors bungled the investigation and prosecution of Sen. In a blistering page report, Special Counsel Henry F. Schuelke III said Justice Department prosecutors never conducted a comprehensive review of evidence favorable to the Alaska Republican and failed to disclose to defense attorneys notes of witness interviews containing significant information. Months after a jury convicted Stevens in October of accepting and concealing money for home renovations and other gifts, the report says, a new team of prosecutors discovered, in short order, that some of the exculpatory information had been withheld.

At that point, it says, the Justice Department moved to set aside the verdict and dismiss an indictment with prejudice. New prosecutors were assigned after U. District Judge Emmet G. In nearly 25 years on the bench, I have never seen anything approaching the mishandling and the misconduct I have seen in this case. The Schuelke report does not recommend that any criminal charges be brought, but blames prosecutors for intentionally withholding and concealing evidence.

Some are seniors who have been charged with cheating the Social Security program, and they are scared to death, so they agree to plea bargains rather than fight for their innocence. The truth about this system is not found by watching TV shows or films. Lastly, how many innocent people have been wrongly executed for crimes they did not commit? Even more startling may be the number of innocent people who have been wrongly convicted and imprisoned.

Something is very rotten at the U. No other reasonable conclusion can be drawn from an independent report on the prosecution of then-Senator Ted Stevens. Nor has it instituted harsher penalties for future abuses. Attorney General Eric Holder told a Senate committee last week that a separate internal inquiry at Justice is almost done, but he would not promise to make all the results public.

But maybe more people should know them, and learn the various roles they played in a prosecution that not only trampled on the rights of the accused, but denied the people of Alaska a fair election and literally shifted the balance of power in the U.

Guilty verdicts against the Republican Stevens arrived less than two weeks before Election Day in , causing the previously popular Senator to lose a close race to Democrat Mark Begich. Begich would go on to provide the 60th Senate vote to pass ObamaCare in To protect his credibility, prosecutors withheld from the defense evidence that he had suborned perjury in a separate criminal investigation. Nor did prosecutors say a word in court when, according to the report, Mr.

Allen offered testimony that the prosecution knew to be false. It would be nice to think these abuses were rare lapses.

But we wonder what else we might learn if every DOJ prosecution was subjected to a review like the one Judge Sullivan wisely demanded. Americans hand prosecutors an awesome power—the power to destroy fortunes and futures, and in this case to reallocate national political power.

We are seeing a pattern of abuse of this power, in order to win big cases. To help prosecutors remember that their job is to do justice and not simply to beat the defense team, there should be automatic and severe penalties for Brady violations. Prosecutors could also be required to turn over more raw data with potentially exculpatory evidence, except in cases where it threatens national security or endangers witnesses in a criminal case.

Holder claims to have addressed the problems in the Stevens case by expanding training programs and the like. Like the fish rots from the head down, the Criminal Division does as well.

Anyone who differs with this conclusion has never dealt with the Division, its lawyers, or their injustices. He practices law in Washington, D. He is a member of the District of Columbia and California bars. A divorce is the flip side of marriage, and hate is the flip side of love, and failure is the opposite of success.

Ideally, marriages should be unions before God that last forever. Few couples begin their marriages anticipating a divorce; and adultery should be considered a crime against God. Divorce is the worst thing that can happen to a family, aside from illnesses that tear a family apart as well. However, if a beloved parent who is ill survives, it often makes the family stronger and builds character. The emotional turmoil and toll of a divorce are staggering; and the scars never heal, years and decades later.

They need care and love, not acrimony. Forty or more years after a divorce, there can still be rancor among the parents, which is often intensified when the children favor one parent over another.

If the divorce took place when the children were very young, they never knew fully what transpired between their parents, yet one parent can be blamed and judged by the children who only see things from their point of view—of sometimes spoiled, entitled lives. At best, they have heard bits and pieces, generally filtered through prisms of enormous bias, distortion and long-simmering hatred. The parents and their grown children might never discuss it, yet it percolates just beneath the surface, like a boiling cauldron.

It is always there, at least for a sensitive, loving parent. It is the pain that lingers and never disappears, but gets fanned again and again when the children side with one parent or the other.

It renews old hurts and hatreds among all concerned. Even when both parents do their best at parenting, and do not move apart geographically, and share almost equal time with their kids, theirs is still never a family again—much less a happy one.

At best, life becomes two families, separate and distinct; and there is nothing that one can do to change this. Vacations and holidays are often split; and the lives of all concerned are complicated even more when spouses of the children arrive, as well as children of their own. No one tells us that it may be the most important decision we ever make; and if we make a mistake, we will live with it for the rest of our lives.

It is like a bad dream that never goes away. Many times we think: But it was made, years ago, and no one told us how important it would be. If we had any reservations before marrying e. The chances of things getting better after marriage are slim to none. My great aunt died at 99, and her husband died at They are my role models—above everyone else whom I have met, including my parents—with respect to a loving marriage. In the final years of her life, she told me many times how much she missed him, and how she looked forward to joining him.

It was very loving, real and touching; and I have never seen love like theirs before or since. It was as if God had truly blessed them. They were friends; however, on a deeper level, he loved her and she loved him. He lit up when she came into the room; and both were very special, loving human beings. Perhaps the most important thing for any parent to do is to give his or her child unconditional love, and teach what genuine love and faith are all about. Divorce is an experience that many of us would not wish for our worst enemies; and we hope and pray that our children and their children never endure such catastrophes.

Some people enter into marriage with the expectation that if it does not succeed, divorce is an easy answer.

If children are involved, it is not easy or painless at all. Lastly, there are enormous pressures on couples today; and many if not most are ill-equipped to cope.

The economy, coupling itself, changing mores, religious and personal differences, illnesses and the like make Life challenging at best. Indeed, given the demands on couples today, it is a wonder that any marriages survive. The information contained in footnote 2 may prove to be very helpful to the readers of this article].

His pre-nup will put the same fear of divorce in her as his own fear of divorce. If she wants to take it to court and you lose………. Thats [sic] what his malpractice is for. Either way you win. No wonder men have stopped asking women to get married! There is no joy in serving yourself. When we tamper with this design, [it] has profound psychological effects.

Thus, counselors say the experience of divorce is like that of a death in the family and this is absolutely true: This was always crazy, especially for boys. Boys after the age of maybe 2 or 3 need their father more than their mother. Government should only have two purposes. I watched them as I was growing up. They were partners and always did sweet things for one another. No one knows the secret to a lasting marriage. We were a human chain that bonded two people who never wanted to see each other again.

Fun role to play in life. Or, we are a loser. So, pair a man up with super woman who knows she too can be No. There are simply bad ways and worse ways. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Naegele, A Journey Home , which embodies recollections of a trip taken with Sally Collette to Hannibal, Missouri in , when she was 92 years old. This book will be republished in the future, with the original photographs that were set forth in it. A failure to recognize this fact has serious national security implications for our great nation.

Does this mean that we will be in a shooting war with China any time soon, or that we should gird for war in the future? No, but it means that we must maintain and strengthen our military might, and do nothing to diminish it. China conducted the first test flight of its stealth fighter just hours before U. In early , at the beginning of George W. Also, the New York Times had a fine article recently, which stated in part:.

Older Chinese officers remember a time, before the Tiananmen Square protests in set relations back, when American and Chinese forces made common cause against the Soviet Union. Chinese military men, from the soldiers and platoon captains all the way up to the army commanders, were always taught that America would be their enemy.

Such weakness is the surest way to invite military adventurism from China. On the positive side, China represents an enormous consumer market. Yet, even on that front, caution is advised and prudence is required. As the Wall Street Journal noted:. But they had better be prepared for a wide variety of unforeseen barriers. China has a violent history, which is of recent vintage.

Whether this hope comes to fruition, or ends up as a pipe dream, remains to be seen. The Communist Party forbade them even to cook food at home; private fires were outlawed; and their harvests were taken by the state.

A series of events has been unfolding for some months now, which may culminate in another shooting war on the Korean peninsula that might prove devastating. A ratio above one suggests greater buying pressure, below one suggests greater selling. National Fuel Gas Co. It operates through the following segments: International stock quotes are delayed as per exchange requirements. Indexes may be real-time or delayed; refer to time stamps on index quote pages for information on delay times.

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