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How to obtain an SDS for a particular substance? High School Transcript Requests are available online.

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Who should have SDS? Employers, employees, end users and emergency services personnel who are exposed to or could be potentially exposed to these products. How to obtain an SDS for a particular substance? SDS are available from manufacturers and suppliers as hard-copy or soft-copy documents. Suppliers must provide a Safety Data Sheet when first supplying a hazardous substance and subsequently on request. SDS are regularly updated to reflect, for example, legislative and classification changes and it is important to ensure these documents are up-to-date.

By law, an employer has to obtain a Safety Data Sheet for a hazardous substance when it is first supplied to the workplace and make sure it is accessible to employees who are potentially exposed to the hazardous substance. Because SDS expire every five years and they are frequently revised, it is common for employers and chemical users to outsource third-party systems to maintain up-to-date SDS for their range of chemicals.

In such a case the term 'employer' includes self-employed persons. Is an online SDS considered to be sufficiently accessible? It is recommended that a folder is kept clearly marked and with Safety Data Sheets stored alphabetically by trade name.

Do SDS show information for non-active constituents in the formulation? Agricultural and veterinary chemicals are sold in a variety of formulations, typically to suit their physical state and use patterns. Safety Data Sheets need to show information about other constituents of the chemical if they are present in hazardous amounts, not just the active constituent.

The SDS for an agricultural or veterinary chemical product will have information which identifies each of its constituents, and are available for active constituents as well as for formulated products.

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