Indianer aus Kanada und den USA kämpfen gegen Pipeline-Bau

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The neighbourhood was still only partially built, but the developers said they were planning new homes, a park and walking trails on the meadow behind their house. It was our expectation and our hope that this would grow and property values would improve and services would come up.

In February , Beth, 31, had just found out she was pregnant when the couple noticed some wooden stakes with fluttering bright plastic strips had gone up in the meadow behind their home.

Kronvall had seen them, too, and assumed workers were staking out cul-de-sacs for the next phase of homes. She was away at a work conference in May when she got a call from another neighbour: None of the neighbours received any official notice, either from the energy company or the town authorities.

Residents say that, to this day, none of them has any idea, though there is now a voluntary chemical disclosure registry at fracfocus. The crews proceeded to flatten the earth and install a ft red and white drilling tower that loomed high above their homes.

Convoys of articulated lorries rumbled down the main road. She says the activities on the other side of her fence deposited a layer of white powder on her counter tops. The sound of the crew shouting into megaphones invaded her bedroom. Bright lighting pierced her curtains and made it difficult to sleep. The rumble of trucks and equipment rattled the glasses in her cupboard, and the smell — an acrid blend of chemicals — was all-pervasive.

There was the din of diesel generators belching soot, and a nauseating mix of chemicals competing with the aroma of dinner. The noise and smells penetrated to the next street over, where Christina Mills lives. Like the Howards and Kronvall, Mills, 65, was attracted to Ponder because of its sleepiness, and bought the fourth house built in the entire development when she moved to the town in Devon Energy Corporation , the firm drilling behind their homes, did install a sound curtain to try to buffer the noise.

Devon — which bought out George Mitchell and has become one of the biggest operators in the extraction of shale gas — says it is committed to supporting residents. The Howards' baby, Pike, arrived several weeks early. We didn't know what we were breathing in at any given time, and he was breathing it, too.

It was what made his homecoming so stressful. Two doors down, Kronvall says, her eyes watered constantly when she was at home, stopping only after she had been at work for an hour or two. As well as bouts of nausea and low, throbbing headaches, there was blood when she blew her nose. Devon says it is not aware of any complaints about health problems suffered after it began its activities at Remington Park, though company representatives attended public meetings from , and were accused by residents of being dismissive of health concerns.

As well as struggling with the noise and smells, Christina Mills says, there was the dust. The three neighbours all tried to stop the fracking, or at least get compensation. They sought legal advice and appealed to the town authorities and state environmental regulators. Inspectors for the Texas environmental regulator came out to Kronvall's home, commiserated about the smell and collected air samples, only to report back weeks later that they were unable to detect dangerous emissions.

As the neighbours soon discovered, both they and the developer who owned the meadow behind Kronvall and the Howards were powerless because they did not control the mineral rights.

Even now, Mills is furious at the way the council treated Remington Park: Winand von Petersdorff-Campen Wirtschaftskorrespondent in Washington. Artikel auf einer Seite lesen 1 2 3 Nächste Seite. Kurse und Finanzdaten zum Artikel Siemens. In Sachsen, wo gewählt wird, schaut man dagegen mit Sorgen auf dessen neue Partei. Mit seinem Schneeräumfahrzeug stürzt ein Mann in Oberbayern von einer Brücke. Später stirbt er im Krankenhaus.

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