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If you find any issues with our API or have any questions, please file an issue at Github. We provide a valid, signed certificate for our API methods. All HTTP request endpoints support a filter parameter to return a subset of data.

Pass a comma-delimited list of field names to filter. Field names are case-sensitive and are found in the Reference section of each endpoint. WebSocket support is limited at this time to Node.

The WebSocket examples in our documentation assume a socket. To provide the best experience for all our users, we monitor for suspicious activity and overload. We throttle endpoints by IP, but you should be able to achieve over requests per second. Below is a list of planned enhancements for future releases.

We may add or remove items at any time. If you have suggestions or if any listed items are critical for your project, please create an issue at Github. We built the IEX Stocks app using the stocks endpoints, and is an example of how this data can be used. The data provided here is sourced from IEX and multiple third-party sources.

IEX does not make any guarantees, representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the data provided. Responses will vary based on types requested. Refer to each endpoint for details. Response includes data from deep and quote. Returns an array of quote objects for a given collection type. Currently supported collection types are sector , tag , and list. Each element is a standard quote object with four additional keys.

Returns earnings that will be reported today as two arrays: Each array contains an object with all keys from earnings , a quote object, and a headline key. This returns an array of effective spread, eligible volume, and price improvement of a stock, by market. Values are sorted in descending order by effectiveSpread. Lower effectiveSpread and higher priceImprovement values are generally considered optimal.

View the data disclaimer at the bottom of the stocks app for more information about how these values are calculated. Pulls income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow data from the four most recent reported quarters. This returns a list of upcoming or today IPOs scheduled for the current and next month.

The response is split into two structures: The following are IEX-listed securities that have an aggregate fail to deliver position for five consecutive settlement days at a registered clearing agency, totaling 10, shares or more and equal to at least 0. The report data will be published to the IEX website daily at 8: ET with data for that trading day.

Refer to the Threshold Securities specification for further details. Refer to the Short Interest specification for further details. An array of peer tickers as defined by IEX. This is not intended to represent a definitive or accurate list of peers, and is subject to change at any time.

This returns previous day adjusted price data for a single stock, or an object keyed by symbol of price data for the whole market. A single number, being the IEX real time price, the 15 minute delayed market price, or the previous close price, is returned. Similar to the peers endpoint, except this will return most active market symbols when peers are not available.

If the symbols returned are not peers, the peers key will be false. This returns an array of each sector and performance for the current trading day.

Performance is based on each sector ETF. This returns 15 minute delayed and 30 day average consolidated volume percentage of a stock, by market. This call will always return 13 values, and will be sorted in ascending order by current day trading volume percentage. This call returns an array of symbols IEX supports for trading. This list is updated daily as of 7: Symbols may be added or removed by IEX after the list was produced. This call returns an array of new issues, symbol and name changes, and deleted issues, as well as new firms, name changes, and deleted firms for IEX-listed securities.

Records are added once known by the Exchange and will be removed when the Effective Date is in the past. Refer to the Daily list specification for futher details. This call details upcoming dividend information and other corporate actions, such as stock splits, for IEX-listed securities. Records are added once known by the Exchange.

A new record with the same Record ID as a previously communicated record will appear when an existing record is being modified or deleted by the Exchange. All records will be removed each evening.

This call provides advance notification of dividend declarations impacting IEX-listed securities. Records are added at 8: ET one trading day before the specified Ex-Date. This call returns an array of all IEX-listed securities and their corresponding data fields. Eastern Time ET before each trading day, and then once per hour from 9 p. ET the following day. TOPS is ideal for developers needing both quote and trade data. Our eligible symbol reference is updated daily.

Use these symbols as values in your symbols parameter. Last provides trade data for executions on IEX. Last is ideal for developers that need a lightweight stock quote. Data will remain available for the trailing twelve months.

The depth of book quotations received via DEEP provide an aggregated size of resting displayed orders at a price and side, and do not indicate the size or number of individual orders at any price level. Non-displayed orders and non-displayed portions of reserve orders are not represented in DEEP. DEEP also provides last trade price and size information. Trades resulting from either displayed or non-displayed orders matching on IEX will be reported. Routed executions will not be reported.

Emit a subscribe event with a JSON-encoded object that includes the following two keys:. DEEP sends a Trade report message for every individual fill. There will be a single message disseminated per channel for each System Event type within a given trading session. The Trading status message is used to indicate the current trading status of a security. For IEX-listed securities, IEX acts as the primary market and has the authority to institute a trading halt or trading pause in a security due to news dissemination or regulatory reasons.

For non-IEX-listed securities, IEX abides by any regulatory trading halts and trading pauses instituted by the primary or listing market, as applicable. IEX disseminates a full pre-market spin of Trading status messages indicating the trading status of all securities. If a security is absent from the dissemination, firms should assume that the security is being treated as operationally halted in the IEX Trading System. After the pre-market spin, IEX will use the Trading status message to relay changes in trading status for an individual security.

Messages will be sent when a security is:. Trading pauses on non-IEX-listed securities will be treated simply as a halt. The Exchange may suspend trading of one or more securities on IEX for operational reasons and indicates such operational halt using the Operational halt status message.

IEX disseminates a full pre-market spin of Operational halt status messages indicating the operational halt status of all securities. If a security is absent from the dissemination, firms should assume that the security is being treated as operationally halted in the IEX Trading System at the start of the Pre-Market Session. Brent verzeichnete in den letzten Tagen starke Rückgänge. Die letzte Veröffentlicht zeigte einen Rückgang der Rohöllagerbestände von 8,8 Mio.

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