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The cream cheese filling was separated jn two layers and coated on two sides on the cutting edges. However, you'll figure there's not enough cream cheese at the back when you're almost finished so last few bites were kinda dry.

I wish they have coated the top as well to make every bite tastes the cream cheese.. If you love cheese and bread, I would assume this place would interest you. How can you resist cheese-stuffed buns! This is an interesting addition to Toronto as this bakery is from Austria.

We do not have anything similar so it was nice that it opened here. Signature Cheese Bun - I got the original cheese bun during my first visit since I thought getting the signature would be a safe choice. I enjoyed the cheese bun as it was creamy and flavorful.

Strawberry Cheese Bun - The strawberry bun was nice. I personally love anything with strawberries so I really liked this one. It does have more flavor than the signature cheese bun.

Matcha Cream Puff - I absolutely loved this! This had a nice crispy pastry on the outside with enough filling on the inside. The matcha flavor wasn't very bold but it was enough for you to taste the matcha. I think it is worth trying the cheese buns but it is not something I would get often. I do wish they offered seating so it gives customers the option of eating it immediately. Tried the "limited edition" purple sweet potato charcoal one and it tasted like a puffy bland dust ball with copious amounts of strawberry cream cheese in between and on the sides.

One of them is like a meal. This shop had a dinesafe ding last year but cleaned up after that, I think. I really don't get the hype. Beware that it's very, very, very small--there are no spots to sit in, not even washrooms.

Nevertheless, you can always stuff your face with dessert at home, so nobody is complaining. That said, the "slice" can safely feed three people. The way the buns are filled is actually genius. The bun itself is sliced horizontally in the middle and the filling is smothered between the layers. There were generous chunks of durian in between--enough to satisfy my cravings. The cream puffs, on the other bad, were slightly disappointing. The puff itself looked a little flat--meaning the pastry chefs aren't very generous with the filling.

The cream filling was the same as the one used in the buns. Prices are definitely up there, but the quality is pretty good. I personally don't think the cream puffs are worth it for the amount of filling you get.

I will be returning to try other flavours of the cheese buns!!! Limited street parking is available - couldn't detect if there are other parking available. The shop is very small - no seating available i. Serving staff was nice and made recommendations since I had no idea what to order or how their products are made. Price wise seems reasonable, as it is quite huge in size almost a slice of a pizza.

The durian doesn't overpower the cheese and can still distinctly divide the outer layer of the bread, which is thick but soft to chew on. I really enjoyed the combo and the bread overall.

It does get a little messy to eat since it's cheese filling suggest getting a fork if you don't want your hands dirty , but they have it nicely packaged so you can eat it anywhere and easily take it with you.

The staff assume owner mentioned that they are in the works of opening another location near STC area - looking forward to it as it will be a more convenient location for me! Got the mango cheese bun here. It was huge and filled with cream cheese and mango bits. The bun was more bread texture than cake. Would come back go try other flavors.

Taking one star off because the price was a bit stiff. I have to update my review because the last TWO times I came was disappointing. I loved it the first x I went. Recently, I raved about it to a few others and brought them here. It was horribly dry and stale. We arrived on a weekday in the afternoon. This has happened twice. I don't think I'd risk coming back for a stale bun because the price is quite high to begin with.

Passionfruit slush wasn't too sour. It had a floral flavour to it and the taste was stronger. I would say we enjoyed the drinks more. It's an interesting sweet bun - definitely good to try out once, but probably not something I'd want to eat frequently. It's cheesy in the centre, which results in a slightly gooey and messy eating experience.

The flavour and texture is probably not for everyone, since the mix can be quite jarring. I can't quite imagine some of the other flavours which could result in even more odd combinations.

The store itself is tiny and others have mentioned, there is no seating, you just grab and go. The buns themselves are also quite expensive, but given the quality of ingredients and craftsmanship that goes in, I suppose that makes up for the difference. I've seen it around on Instagram lots, but the hype doesn't quite live up to its taste and value, so I don't think I'll be back in the near future.

Been wanting to try this place for a while cuz ive heard of it years ago in hk. And now its in toronto! But its location wasnt somewhere i usually hang in, and i happened to be able to make a run.

Cant miss the big sign on yonge. Green P right across the street. Original cheese bun Chocolate cheese bun Sweet potato and charcoal cheese bun Original cheese puff Matcha cheese puff Lychee cheese puff Hmmm!

But its ure not a fan of cream cheese, then this is not ur place! I loved their filling, especially the lychee flavour. I liked the bun more than the puff. Mainly cuz the pastry of the puff was so soft and not fluffy. Didnt seem like it raise much. But i also wouldnt heat it up cuz the filling might melt. Hence, knocked of a star. But i would recommend it you love cream cheese. Was around the area and decided to drop in for a few buns.

Had the chance to try them before when a coworker brought them as a treat for me which was nice! There was a special durian flavor yesterday and my parents love durian so i got one of that! Man did it stink when i opened the bag - there was a caution sign on the bag to warn people which was nice. My family killed the buns after dinner as dessert! Highly recommend eating them the day or at latest the next day for freshness!

The buns are good! Might be a tad sweet for some but i love it the way it is. Overall good product but very pricey for one piece of bread at approx 7 dollars.

Small store with no seating. You are paying premium for its location, quality and its yumminess. Guschlbauer's cream puff is good. The pastry itself was buttery went well with the cheesy creamy filling. I would stick with the puff instead and will definitely skip the cheese bun especially at the price point.

It's either to try the cheese bun or the puffs. Having read the history of this bakery to originate in Austria, I was eager to try this bakery out. I ordered the original cheese bun and the matcha cheese puff. I read some mediocre reviews on this place from other fellow tellers so I wasn't expecting the bun or the puff to wow me. I tried the matcha green puff first. Interesting puff, quite soft and not crispy on the outside.

Inside is oozing with green tea flavoured cream cheese. I wasn't too big of a fan of the puff but I found the combination quick interesting.

I was expecting the puff to be chewy for some reason, but turns out it was soft and doughy. The cheese bun was next. I thought the bun would be like cake-like texture but it turns out it was more bread-like texture. I found that the bun was an interesting texture too. I liked the bread though. The cream cheese consistency was the same as the matcha puff cream cheese however the bun's cream cheese had no additional flavors added.

It was the original. A bun is quick a big size for me to eat on my own. I would rather share it with someone else. The consistency of the cream cheese was gooey like and very creamy. If it's your first time at the bakery, order the original first to try out if you liked the cream cheese flavor because essentially all the other flavors will feature the same recipe of the cream cheese but mixed in different flavors.

I am very disappointed and would probably not go back every again! Guschlbauer Yonge St. March 26, Inspection finding: Red Closed Number of infractions: If you have you seen what they look like, you would understand why I expected to sink my teeth into pure cheesy-sour decadence.

The cheese bun is sopping with cream, almost whispering all kinds of sweet nothings to me. Guschlbauer is a short trek down Yonge from Bloor-Yonge station. It is a dainty, small shop off of the street with a clean interior and an easy to read menu. The ovens where all the magic happens is in view.

Sadly the signature original flavour I wanted was sold out. I opted for the strawberry flavour instead. Perhaps it was the flavour choice but the cheese bun was The filling was not life-changing but definitely agreeable and in a perfect proportion to bread. I was skeptical about the fruit flavouring but it somehow works. There was no "the last bite is the best bite" experience - all bites were equally mediocre.

I was surprised that the cheese bun was prepackaged in a plastic baggy, unlike other trendy bakeries around Toronto downtown core that serve their goods hot and fresh. While it looks delicious, I was underwhelmed and won't be back. I'd be hesitant to recommend to others. Supposedly there are 5 layers of cheese, cut it open, and it was only 2. Very pricey for what you are getting.

It tastes OKAY, not good not bad, basically nothing special. I especially didn't appreciate how they increased the price during their soft opening, to only lower it during their grand opening. Which means they weren't doing ANY type of promotion during their soft opening. Extremely poor business model and management.

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