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Questions seem to come up on occasion about wiring for NMEA, and use of RS Hopefully this article will help understand the issue and be of use for other folks .

When one wire sends a voltage, the other wire sends the opposite voltage. This of course means one direction only.

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Questions seem to come up on occasion about wiring for NMEA, and use of RS Hopefully this article will help understand the issue and be of use for other folks .

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Creating a website from brainstorm to Launch. All aspects are covered. Web developers, web designers, design studios, marketing agencies. An example on how to use Tom's Planner in construction projects. Contractors, home owners, building companies, government agencies. The year leading up to the wedding, two months leading up to the big day and the big day itself. Brides and grooms or wedding planners. Schedule all your resources: Employers, rental agencies, project teams, employment agencies etc.

Research projects, dissertation papers, theses or graduation. Researchers, students and scientists. Plan Thanks Giving, Halloween and Christmas ahead. Professional and casual event and conference planners. Campground, resort, holiday park or hotels. Start a new business from scratch. All the steps involved in setting up a new company. Alternatively, you can try more advanced human resource management functions by free download the easy org chart software. Hotel Organizational Chart — Introduction and Sample.

Front Office The front office room management department handles customer service including front desk service, reservation, laundry, concierge, telephone, and housekeeping service. Human Resources The human resources department is given the responsibility to handle employee recruitment, arrange staff training, make promotion and disciplinary decisions, and check staff attendance.

Sales The responsibility for the sales department is to sell the hotel facilities and services to individuals and groups. Logistics The logistics department is responsible for tracking for daily supplies, purchasing appliances, and keeping security. Org Chart for Business.

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