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In March of , she was charged with a domestic assault. Why some men CAN'T 'man up': Isla Fisher, 42, shows off her incredibly youthful visage as she goes makeup free while taking her dog for a walk A helping hand!

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Pregnant mother-of-five Marissa Tietsort, 28, of Wausau, Wisconsin has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide for the death of a two-month-old boy.

A judge ordered her to have no contact with the infant's family or children. She is said to have caused the baby's death, then dressed him in a snowsuit, put him in his car seat and let his mother pick him up without telling her he was dead.

Tietsort also faces child abuse charges involving an month-old girl who became injured while in her care in August. Elizabeth Darlene Wilson, of Minerva, showed up to her hearing at Minerva Mayor's Court Monday knowingly carrying illicit substances that officials found when they searched her bag. The fast good chain said it will begin testing the menu later this year. It will include some new items as well as the vegetarian items already on the menu.

No, they're paying for the wall in a great trade deal,' he said during his visit to the banks of the Rio Grande in the Texas border town of Mission. As of November 30, U. Cher took to Twitter to call on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to give Trump 'money' in a bid to bring an end to the government shutdown now in its 20th day. President Donald Trump offered a detailed plan during his campaign on how he would pressure Mexico into coughing up cash for his border wall.

Gene Hanson, of Edgeley, North Dakota, plowed the words 'build the wall', in capitals in one of his fields to show his support for President Donald Trump's plans for the southern border. The new wall prototype consisting of steel bollards didn't hold up when members of the military and border police went at it with common tools as part of a test.

A newly-revealed photo shows how military and border police cut through it and created a large gap. During the campaign Trump called for an impenetrable wall, but he said Thursday that all walls can be penetrated.

Landowners near the U. Former Texas congressmen and potential presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke is opening his mouth to talk to people who live in the border town of McAllen, while at the dentist. Beto, who nearly won a senate seat in the mostly red state, and could now be a candidate for the presidential election, shared the videos Thursday in which he is talking to real life people who are living on the US-Mexico border.

President Donald Trump right wants a wall along the Mexican border to block illegal immigrants whom he has sought to equate with crime, drugs and gangs. The family of Gemmel Moore - the first gay man found dead in Ed Buck's apartment in - have released a scathing statement condemning the local DA and sheriff's department. Two pilots and three flight attendants on a flight from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale fell ill Thursday stock.

None of the passengers on board Flight were affected. Maxwell Taffin was finally arrested Tuesday, more than two years after he was wanted by police for eating a Louisiana State University student's pet fish and taunting her with an image of in his feces. Police say a man doing donuts in a brand new car struck a power pole in Ohio, sending him and his two children to the hospital. Riverside Police identified the man as Johnathan S. Tim, 31, got down on one knee by a lake during a sunset stroll and Demi-Leigh said yes.

The Heisman Trophy winner - who confirmed he was dating Demi-Leigh in July last year - had installed a specially made arbor along with a bench engraved with the date the couple first met. The couple reportedly talked about their future for a few minutes before Tim dropped to one knee and said: Demi Leigh Nel-Peters, will you marry me?

For years there have been a lot of myths circulating around with many not knowing the truth. Elections were held last month after Joseph Kabila, who has ruled DR Congo since , announced he would step aside.

The much-disputed official results handed victory to Felix Tshisekedi. Mexican authorities said Thursday that the 21 bodies, some burned, were found near the border town of Miguel Aleman. Roker, 64, tweeted a scathing response to Michaels, 44, after she slammed the high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet in an interview.

This from a woman who promoted on camera bullying, deprivation, manipulation and more weekly in the name of weight loss. Now those sound like bad ideas,' he wrote. Many Twitter users seemed to be shocked to see Roker going after Michaels, with one person tweeting: The region has seen hundreds of missing persons cases insets since the s, with active cases dating back to The disappearances included that of Garret Rodriguez left , who traveled from San Diego to the northern weed farms to earn money before his disappearance and murder.

The area is home to thousands of legal and illegal marijuana operations, and many locals are both heavily armed right and unwilling to cooperate with authorities. Humboldt County and the tragic case of Rodriguez are the focus of new Netflix docuseries Murder Mountain, which examines the region's history, the interplay between law enforcement and vigilantism and the impact of marijuana legislation on the residents and crime rates.

He was caught on camera looking at his cell phone with his right arm, while his left arm moved up and down under the table. Who else is ready for the second season of BBCeleb?! A royal insider close to the Sussexes has refuted reports Meghan Markle, 37, is seen as 'difficult' by staff, revealing that she is in fact 'well-liked' and staff are 'excited' by her enthusiasm.

James boarding a private plane with his dogs; On holiday with one of his Spaniels, James at a charity sporting event with Pippa in ; Enjoying a spot of fishing; James during the lambing season, Going for a swim in the Scottish mountains.

Kate is said to have celebrated her birthday with a tea party with William and their children, George, five, Charlotte, three, and eight-month-old Louis, at Kensington Palace. PVC shoes have been a favorite of stars like Kim Kardashian.

Video shows quick thinking Ivic stopping her bus before running over the road and picking up the crying child. The boy was wearing only a thin onesie and diaper despite the freezing conditions. A passenger on the bus is shown to cover him with a coat before he falls fast asleep. Police say the child had been left outside by his mother who may have been suffering from a mental health crisis.

The giraffe was spotted - warts and all - in South Africa's Kruger National Park, covered in strange bark-like lesions on its skin which are caused by papillomavirus. The diet focuses on consuming nutrient-dense food that are alkaline. It limits the consumption of complex carbs, dairy, sweets, and alcohol. Keltie did the diet for one month to see how it would alter her body and lifestyle. She altered the diet halfway through to include more fats and fattier proteins because she was losing too much weight.

Pictured main is Keltie before the diet, during when she lost too much weight, and after the diet after altering her calorie intake. Brazilian model Suzy Cortez honored her favorite soccer player Lionel Messi by getting a tattoo of his last name tattooed on her waistline just above her left buttocks.

A study by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience reveals there is no 'one size fits all' treatment for the sleep disorder and personalised therapies are needed in order to cure sufferers.

Olay has developed an AI app that could give you the secret to looking younger. But be warned, the 'Future You Simulation' app is designed to terrify. The app, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, uses AI to study the user's face and look for areas that will change. They can then see themselves 20 years younger or in the future.

Robots that walk, talk, pour beer and play pingpong have taken over the CES gadget show in Las Vegas again. Just don't expect to find one in your home any time soon. Cancel your gym membership. At CES, Chinese company Loctek took the wraps off 'Deskcise,' a desk with an exercise bike attached that lets the rider pedal while they work. The firm, best known for its headphones, is showing off its system to eliminate noise created by rough roads at the CES in Las Vegas. The mother-of-two said her girls locked themselves into her master bedroom for 45 minutes while their panicked babysitter waited on the other side of the door.

Jenna had the babysitter put her on speakerphone so she could tell them she was going to call the police if they didn't come out.

When she arrived home, her daughters had her makeup all over their faces and were running around completely naked. Rich Alati accepted the bet from fellow poker player Rory Young.

The year-old man texted his daughter, 20, after raping her in the bridal suite at a country estate in Kolding, Denmark, apologising and explaining that he had mistaken her for his wife. Georgia jailer Durell Malik Roberson, 20, was allegedly recorded having sex with an inmate. He was arrested and fired on Tuesday after the facility received a tip off from a former inmate.

It's the most insane Instagram pose - snapping pictures in the snow wearing nothing but a bikini. Stella Goldschlag left and right was a beautiful, blue-eyed girl, raised in a middle-class Jewish family, who turned 'catcher' to help the gestapo capture Jews living in Berlin's underground.

The beauty showed a voracious appetite for her role, luring men to the bedroom, snaring widows at funerals and turning in her old classmates. Although she originally agreed to work for the Nazis to protect her family, she continued to do so even after they had been killed at Auschwitz inset.

Travis Ricci, 37, was found guilty on Wednesday of murder and other charges over the incident at a Phoenix park that saw him fatally shoot Kelly Ann Jaeger. Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas is returning to a Florida port a day early and giving passengers full refunds of their fare. Pictures show staff wearing gloves to serve food and clean pools.

Experts from Northwestern University studying a celestial object called ATcow have concluded it may be the first time the formation of a new black hole or neutron star has been captured. Samsung will unveil its much anticipated folding phone and the Galaxy S10 on February 20th in San Francisco,it is expected. A man near Mexico City accused of stealing gasoline from residents was forced to lay on the ground while vigilantes used a custom metal plate and placed it over his upper back, leaving a tattoo that read 'rat' in Spanish.

Mexico has been dealing with fuel shortage since December, which has been blamed on thieves stealing from oil refineries. The crisis has created longer that usual wait at local gas stations in Mexico City and other states. Cindy Moore, a mother-of-two from Manchester, England, met with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr.

Paul Nassif on Wednesday night's episode of the E! Setiam and Katherine Allah, from Irvine, 'say the cable channel used their image without permission in festive film Christmas Harmony'.

Family and friends are said to have called the Allahs after watching the film. They say they sent out the portraits to loved ones but none work at Lifetime. The couple are reportedly suing the network for all of the movie's profits. Crab boat victim Joshua Porter pictured , 50, told a friend that the vessel's crew was 'inexperienced' just days before it capsized in Oregon's treacherous waters. The shocking footage shows the victim sat at the counter of the restaurant in Georgia, pictured inset, as the employees make him 'dance' and put food on his head.

The drunk man went there to sober up. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has begun killing up to 93 sea lions per year, in a bid to preserve dwindling numbers of winter steelhead in the Willamette River.

Alyse Naquin, 12, of New Orleans, Louisiana, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome two years ago. It is a rare kidney disorder in which the body excretes too much protein in the urine. It left Alyse on dialysis for 10 hours a day. She retained so much water that 35 pounds of fluid had to excreted each time. Eventually, doctors told her parents, Andy and Melissa, that she needed a transplant.

The couple was tested and, in a rare instance, both were found to be a match. A male nurse at a government hospital in India is said to have 'decapitated a baby while pulling too hard during a difficult birth'.

The FDA will continue to inspect foreign and 'high risk' facilities that make things like eggs and fruits and vegetables in the US, but the other two thirds of food inspections will stop during the shutdown. Five-year-old Tanadet Petnoi lives a wooden house that backs onto a canal in Samut Prakan, on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Arby's oldest employee is Dorothy Bale, who turns 95 this year and has no plans for retirement. The great-grandmother just celebrated her 25th anniversary working at her local Arby's. The geostationary satellite has now entered its predetermined orbit. It will provide transmissions for Chinese broadcasting services, but also has military capabilities.

Your woolly scarf could be to blame for spots on your neck and chin. A build up of dirt and grime on the garment can clog pores, causing spots says skin expert Dr Meryn Patterson.

Astronauts who spend several months on the International Space Station have significant reductions in the size and density of key muscles in their spine after returning to Earth, reports a study in Spine. The free agent is suing the league for alleged collusion. The Williamson County Sheriff's Office in Texas recently deployed its newest cardboard deputy as part of a new anti-speeding campaign. The list consists of structures with incredible dimensions and some with eye-popping design.

Tens of thousands of women claim they are in life-long agony after the implant and say device makers duped doctors to recommend it. Now, 63 doctors are hitting back saying they weren't duped. Fast food worker Vicki Anderson, 53, from Kansas told a customer at a McDonald's drive thru that she needed to buy a new car because her old one had died.

Fit wilderness survival instructor Jeremy White, 35, from Spokane, Washington, underwent a heart transplant on December Just one day later, he suffered a stroke. Indiana-based child photographer Geidre Gomes decided to show her fun side by photographing her friend, 34, in different newborn baby-inspired settings. At first glance it appears to just be a series of black and white vertical stripes. However, this image has gone viral as people have spotted a hidden optical illusion within the picture pictured.

The first time parents, pictured, were hoping to learn if they were having a boy or a girl. According to a witness, the man in Guangdong, China started to hit his dog with his skateboard after he fell off of it while walking the dog as it was running too fast. A car Union Pacific freight train derailed from the tracks in a Aubrey Texas and crashed in a resident's backyard - narrowly avoiding the family's home on Wednesday January 9.

Katie Page from Colorado divorced her husband in her early 30s and was left feeling like her life needed to change. Her local pastor offered her the opportunity to become a foster parent. The woman fostered four children before deciding to take a four-day-old baby boy who was left at the hospital and likely able to be available for adoption. She adopted the boy when he was 11 months old and then took on a baby girl. It was later found out the two children actually have the same mother.

Katie has adopted both and plans to adopt a third child pictured inset with Hannah from the same mother. Pictured right and left is Katie with her adopted children, Grayson and Hannah. A professor of pain studies at McGill University found men remember earlier painful experiences with more clarity than women and, as a result, get more stressed to later pain in the same place.

The electric toy car was steered by the six-year-old as she and her younger friend ventured through a public square on the New Year's Day in Hanzhong in north-western China's Shaanxi Province. His movement trough the body is nearly perfect, so we could only honored this with a 10,0. A correctly made stallion, nice in the type characteristic, from which we will hopefully see many offspring. The highlight of the year is now only a few days away: You can go directly to the livestream from the home page of the Oldenburg website www.

The collection of the 65th Winter Mixed Sales Auction that will be held on Saturday, December 8th has now been posted on the Internet in the auction area of the Oldenburg website for you to inspect. In Vechta Christmas shopping will be a pleasure — 37 exquisite dressage horses and show jumpers brighten up the days just before Christmas at the Oldenburg Horse Center Vechta.

It will provide transmissions for Chinese broadcasting services, but also has military capabilities. Astronauts who spend several months on the International Space Station have significant reductions in the size and density of key muscles in their spine after returning to Earth, reports a study in Spine.

The two American teenagers, Jake, left, and Kyle, right, struggle with a rotary phone, spending a few minutes deciding whether they should remove the handset from the cradle.

The drone video was shot off the coast near Ventura in Southern California. The pod of dolphins start swimming alongside the surfer with three joining him at one point. The surfer has been named as Thousand Oaks firefighter, Alden Blair, who is seen to punch the air with delight in the video. Leading cancer expert, 67, described by the Duke of Cambridge as an 'inspiration' dies suddenly after having a routine yellow fever jab Martin Gore, 67, pictured top, and bottom left with Prince William passed away after suffering total organ failure shortly after having the injection, which is recommended to anyone visiting Sub-Saharan Africa and South and Central America.

Millions are at risk of an early death because they do not eat enough fibre, warns major study A study by the University of Dundee found that people who get plenty of fibre in their diet cut their risk of early mortality by up to a third and reduce their risk of a heart attack or stroke by a quarter.

Secret Number 10 memo damns plotters: Leak reveals May fury at ministers manoeuvring for leadership as she fights to save Brexit deal An email leaked to the Daily Mail lays bare the open warfare in the Cabinet as rival ministers jockey for position amid reports the Prime Minister could be forced to resign if her Brexit deal is defeated.

Sorry folks, but I have to mention the B-word. Theresa May tells John Bercow to 'explain' his actions after explosive row leaves the Commons in chaos as the Speaker accuses Andrea Leadsom of abusing HIM over claims he backs Remainers' revolt over Brexit Theresa May insisted MPs had a right to know the rules of the House would be applied consistently after the Speaker defied convention to allow a rebel amendment on Brexit yesterday.

Corbyn fails to rise to challenge during Brexit speech. Only one in three failed asylum seekers end up being forced to leave Britain, damning report reveals, as tens of thousands simply vanish into the black economy It comes as Home Secretary Sajid Javid continues to try to get to grips with the dozens of desperate migrants who are making the perilous trip across the Channel in dinghies. Migrants are heading to northern England and braving a mile Channel crossing from Belgium to evade Calais to Dover patrols The new route was discovered after four Iranians were caught in Huttoft near Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire Coast.

Louise Redknapp is rushed to hospital with deep facial injuries and a broken wrist after falling in the street - forcing her to pull out of the upcoming musical 9 To 5 for at least two months Louise Redknapp was rushed to hospital on Tuesday morning, after falling in the street on her way to rehearsals for upcoming West End show 9 To 5. Danish man rapes his daughter on his WEDDING NIGHT 'after mistaking her for his wife' The year-old man texted his daughter, 20, after raping her in the bridal suite at a country estate in Kolding, Denmark, apologising and explaining that he had mistaken her for his wife.

Dr Mosley's Fast Diet: It's so easy to stay slim - for ever! Mothers reveal the amazing DIY cleaning hacks they've discovered in so far Posting to an Australian Facebook group one woman asked members what their favourite cleaning 'hack' they've found in the group was. The FIVE types of insomnia: People who struggle to nod off can be grouped according to their risk of depression, brain activity and how they respond to treatment A study by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience reveals there is no 'one size fits all' treatment for the sleep disorder and personalised therapies are needed in order to cure sufferers.

What drinking TWO glasses of wine a day does to your heart: Shocking scans reveal how regular alcohol consumption can lead to an irregular heartbeat The scans, produced by scientists at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, show how well electricity travels through the hearts of drinkers.

Does a Welsh town have the steepest street in the world? Sloped road may snatch the record held by a street in New Zealand Residents in the town of Harlech, in Gwynedd, believe the street called Fforff Pen Llech stands on a gradient of 36 per cent - which is higher than record holder Baldwin Street in New Zealand. The Question is, can you be more brutal, Fiona? R Kelly's daughter voices her support for his accusers and explains that she has not spoken about the allegations for her 'peace of mind and emotional state' In a lengthy and emotional post that was shared on her Instagram page, year-old Joann Kelly explained why she has remained silent about the allegations being made about her father while showing her support for the singer's alleged victims.

Meghan shows how to dress to impress! Kate celebrated her birthday with a family tea party with George, Charlotte and Louis and William was home in time to join in Kate is said to have celebrated her birthday with a tea party with William and their children, George, five, Charlotte, three, and eight-month-old Louis, at Kensington Palace. Queen's stalwart marches on: Shirtless selfies, rambles with the dogs and even an appearance by Pippa!

Touching letter that much-loved teacher, 59, sent pupils from her deathbed to thank them for their 'friendship' before she moved on to 'new adventures' Sue East, from Bath, was just 59 years old when she died at a hospice on Wednesday December My other ski suit is a snowkini: The perfect odd couple: Jeff Bezos' steamy text messages to married TV anchor he was 'having an affair with' which date back to April - nine months before he announced split from his wife of 25 years The messages, which were published by The National Enquirer , date back to April , nine months before Bezos announced his split from his wife MacKenzie.

Dossier of adultery, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos' 'loving' split. From morning news anchor and reality TV show host to girlfriend of the world's richest man: Boardroom coup rocks Debenhams: Mike Ashley leads a rebellion. Can YOU spot the animal hidden in this image? The latest optical illusion will blow your mind - but you have to shake your head to see it At first glance it appears to just be a series of black and white vertical stripes.

Easter Island's famous statues marked where inhabitants could drink fresh water to avoid getting thirsty, claim scientists Easter Island's famous statues are 'tightly linked' to sources of drinkable freshwater, scientists claim. Sean Ward reveals his battle with depression and drink, drugs and porn addictions caused his hair to fall out as he admits working on Coronation Street made him even lonelier Ex Coronation Street actor Sean Ward spoke about his addiction battle during a candid chat on Thursday's episode of Loose Women.

PM blasts 'shocking case' of speedboat killer Jack Shepherd and says officials are examining his use of legal aid Jet stream keeps UK mild with 54F highs Send us your videos.

Most Shared Right Now. Huge swarm of locusts descends on Mecca leaving worshippers covered in insects as cleaners battle to control the bugs at Islam's holiest site. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Why is the year of plant-based eating The late openly gay Latin trap artist Kevin Fret shares on life on Twitter. Hilarious videos show two year-old teenagers baffled by rotary phone. Terrified woman takes troopers on a wild ride after they respond to an incident. Ivanka Trump says the president will sign new legislation into law to combat it.

Court released audio files of a testimony given by James Cousins. President Trump explains reason for security before departing to Texas border.

Full address from President Trump to the nation from the Oval Office. Milwaukee bus driver rescues lost baby wandering barefoot around overpass.

Missing US girl, 13, who vanished when her parents were murdered in their home in October is rescued ALIVE, as a suspect is taken into police custody A year-old girl who has been missing since mid-October has been found alive, police in Wisconsin confirmed.

Motor Neurone Disease breakthrough: How do you turn a One Direction wannabe into a paratrooper? Men At War Two great British institutions took centre stage on opposite channels.

Life with Tommy Cooper was nothing to laugh about: From free love to drugged-up Britain in just 50 years: Farmer and naturalist reveals fascinating facts about the tree that occupies our history Farmer and naturalist John Lewis-Stempel examines the significance of oak trees throughout history in a new book. French author, 50, who claims women over 50 are 'too old to love' now reveals he 'cannot stand' WHITE women - branding them 'pretentious' and 'focused on themselves' French author Yann Moix, 50, who claimed women over 50 are too old to love has courted further controversy by revealing he 'cannot stand white women'.

Is this the most romantic proposal of all time? Doting boyfriend pulls off epic treasure hunt in Paris for his girlfriend - and she documented the whole thing on Twitter Georgiana was the lucky recipient of a complex treasure hunt involving her Australian boyfriend Stephen, some handwritten notes and an artwork in the centre of Paris.

The Mrs has been arrested. Soho Farmhouse - the 'Butlins for toffs' that's popular with celebrities and home of Meghan's hen party - unveils its new 'piglet' cabins Soho Farmhouse's new 'piglet cabins' are smaller versions of their wooden lodges, made to look like animal huts on the outside and luxury alpine lodges on the inside. Corrie's Beverley Callard claims stars treat mental health issues like 'fashionable Gucci handbags' - but celebs hit back saying sufferers shouldn't be 'shunned into silence' Coronation Street actress Beverley Callard has been slammed for questioning celebrities' motives for discussing illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

The 'Yellow Vultures' have landed! New LED speed cameras that snare drivers on phone, eating or smoking at wheel are now looming over roads in Britain New speed cameras that use infrared to catch drivers who become distracted at the wheel have been spotted on the road in Plymouth, Devon, and are being rolled out across the country. These toddlers were desperately ill until they had organ transplants Live Listen tool designed to help the hearing impaired can eavesdrop on you from another room Live Listen was rolled out globally with iOS 12 and allows people to pick up sounds detected by the microphone of their iPhone and hear it through their AirPods.

Family of first gay man found dead in US millionaire's apartment condemn prosecutors and police for failing to charge him before SECOND body was found at his home The family of Gemmel Moore - the first gay man found dead in Ed Buck's apartment in - have released a scathing statement condemning the local DA and sheriff's department. Oh yes it is terrible!

Christmas panto with only three actors who 'can't sing or dance' is deemed so 'awful' the venue is refunding all ticket-buyers Jack and the Beanstalk was produced by professional company Oooh Arrr Productions at the Neeld Community and Arts Centre in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

One in three savings accounts pay less interest than the base rate set by the Bank of England, shock figures reveal Almost a third of savings accounts pay less interest than the Bank of England base rate, according to shocking figures from the City watchdog.

Plastic-free flushable wet wipe that breaks down quickly and doesn't cause blockages will soon go on sale in the UK Industry trade body Water UK has launched a scheme to identify wipes that will break down without causing any harm.

Shown the red card! El Chapo's IT guy describes having a nervous breakdown after helping the FBI crack cartel communications including drug lord's texts to his beauty queen wife Christian Rodriguez, 32, returned to the witness stand in Brooklyn for the second day on Thursday, as the federal trial of Guzman continued on charges of trafficking drugs to the U. Top of the crops! Britain overtakes Germany to become the vegan capital of the WORLD with the most plant-based products launched in supermarkets Analysis shows that more and more UK consumers are completely ditching meat, dairy and eggs from their diet, one in three of the total population have been cutting back on food consumption.

Eight members of strong Huddersfield Asian sex gang which was jailed for total of years for raping girls as young as 11 are told they can appeal convictions or sentences Last October, 20 sex abusers were jailed for attacks on at least 15 vulnerable girls in Huddersfield between and Huge swarm of locusts descends on Mecca leaving worshippers covered in insects as cleaners battle to control the bugs at Islam's holiest site Footage shared on social media showed the insects swarming around the Great Mosque in Mecca, which hosts millions of Muslim pilgrims every year.

Violent US neo-Nazi may face the death penalty after being found guilty in murder of a white woman who was dating a black man Travis Ricci, 37, was found guilty on Wednesday of murder and other charges over the incident at a Phoenix park that saw him fatally shoot Kelly Ann Jaeger.

The AI that will tell you how your face will age: Olay reveals app that can analyse your skin from a selfie and show you how you'll look in 20 years Olay has developed an AI app that could give you the secret to looking younger.

Makers of 'Ava' say yes. OhMiBod unveils Bluetooth sex toys that respond to voice commands and can buzz to the beat of the music - or even your partner's heartbeat Sex toy-maker OhMiBod has everybody buzzing at CES this year with its latest Bluetooth-connected pleasure devices.

Pedal while you work: Meditation gadget claims to be able to 'train your brain' to choose healthy foods The meditation headset was on show at the Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas, and can also help kick nicotine addiction, its makers claim.

You appear to have an ad-blocker running which will prevent this page from functioning as intended. Please disable your ad-blocker or set an exception for this page. Today's hottest fashion finds See more. British tennis player's wonder shot during qualifying for the Australian Open wows fans British tennis player Dan Evans has wowed fans with 'shot of the year' during a qualification match for the Australian Open. Man bags at dawn! Russian yobs are beaten up by shopper after they mock him for his 'feminine' bag and call him 'gay' CCTV footage showed the man reacting violently after the others waiting at the till suggested he was gay, punching three men before attacking them with a chair at a fast food shop in St Petersburg.

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